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I try to keep this page somewhat up to date, but the internet changes so quickly I can't always do that.  So, I apologize if a link here no longer exists or has turned "bad."  Email me if you have any comments or complaints. Also, a lot of these webpages are BIG on advertisements and not so big on good lessons.


Old Timey Class

A to Z Teacher Stuff -- A site which is supposed to help teachers find online lesson plans and resources more quickly and easily
Columbia Education Center -- offers lesson plans created and contributed by teachers who've used them successfully in their classrooms and web-based teaching resources created as part of the ECHO projects abroad .
The Curriculum Archive - A source for lessons, classroom activities, and helpful tips from colleagues
EdHelper -- Has Lesson Plans, WebQuests, Free Worksheet Generators, Exams and Puzzles for Standardized Tests, etc.  FYI owned by Houghton Mifflin
Education Place Lessons -- Resources for elementary-school teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies Centers, Intervention, Professional Development, searchable activity database, educational games, and textbook support. Site owned by Houghton Mifflin now.
The Educators' Reference Desk - The Educator's Reference Desk brings you the resources you have come to depend on. 2,000+ lesson plans, 3,000+ links to online education information, and 200+ question archive responses
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse LPs -- Lesson Plans, information and references for teachers. ENC was originally created to collect all types of teaching materials for K-12 math and science educators and to identify and disseminate information about federally funded programs, BUT now it is a subscription website.
Global Schoolhouse -- online opportunities for teachers to collaborate, communicate, and celebrate shared learning experiences
Learning Page -- Free Materials-- a huge collection of professionally produced instructional material for you to download and print.
The Lesson Plans Page -- teacher lesson plans for pre K to 12th.
LessonPlanz.com--  free online lesson plans and lesson plan resources for all grades and subjects
The Library of Congress - Great reference site for a great number of things, just search for what you want, music, history, civics, etc.
McRel Connections+ Lessons -- nonprofit organization , sub-page with lesson plans
PedagoNet Learning Resources Center -- database contains resources posted by educators, and resources wanted by other educators, organized by subject 
Preschool Teacher -- personal webpage by a preschool teacher with links and lesson plans
Brainpop -- online site with 'movies' about a variety of subjects, perfect for grades 2-6
Quia.com -- allows educators to create online learning activities based on their own content.
RHL School - Your place to get free ready to use quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review
Schools of California On-line Resources for Education (S.C.O.R.E.)
Sites for teachers - A list of teaching links, like this site
Small Planet Lesson Links
Teacher's Edition Online - seems to be a bit behind school year wise....
TeachersFirst - lesson plans
Teachers Helping Teachers - lesson plans
Teaching OnLine (New Zealand) - the New Zealand teacher's magazine
Teachers.Net Lessons
Teacher's Toy Box -  teacher lesson plans, teaching resources, education
Teachnet.com - seems to be actual toys for kids
Wikipedia - a
n online reference "dictionary & encyclopedia."  Good for quick look ups.
Wikipedia Quotes by "Famous" People
Yahoo Education Directory -
Chinese word for teacher
Chinese for 'Teacher'
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ABC's of the Writing Process -- a Canadian K - 12 how-to write web site
The Academy Language Curriculum Exchange - Elementary School (K-5)
The Academy Language Curriculum Exchange - Intermediate School (6-8)
The Academy Language Curriculum Exchange - High School (9-12)
Children's Literature Web Guide
Language - ARTS Elementary (K-5)
Language - ARTS Intermediate (6-8)
Language - ARTS High School (9-12)
Mrs. G's Internet Adventures -- High School English Plans 
SCORE Language Arts Plans -- Literature-Based Plans
Carol Hurst's Children's Lit Site -- Activities and Suggestions for Themes
Write Guide -- for home schooling, They say they are emphasizing two concepts that are 'often ignored in education': individualized instruction on a daily basis, and motivation.  (Because apparently we teachers, who are trained to teach, somehow ignore these two things! Yah right! Don't believe every sales pitch you hear. But then again, people will believe whatever fits their reality anyway. )
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The Academy Mathematics Curriculum Exchange - Elementary School (K-5)
The Academy Mathematics Curriculum Exchange - Intermediate School (6-8)
The Academy Mathematics Curriculum Exchange - High School (9-12)
The Internet Mathematics Library
Math - Elementary (K-5)
Math - Intermediate (6-8)
Math - High School (9-12)
Math Stories.com
The Math Forum Student Center
Math Power
Native American Geometry
Symmetry of Rugs - About Symmetry and Pattern 
Thinkquest - Fractals Unleashed

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My personal links to science related web sites
4,000 years of Women in Science
Amazing Space -- and sub page: Teaching Tools 
The Academy Science Curriculum Exchange - Elementary School (K-5)
The Academy Science Curriculum Exchange - Intermediate School (6-8)
The Academy Science Curriculum Exchange - High School (9-12)
Bill Nye the Science Guy
The Biology Project
Cavalcade O' Chemistry
Clouds Theme Page 
Discovery Channel Student & Teacher Ideas, games, clip art, lesson stuff, etc.
Dreams of Space -- Space art in children's books
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency -- Environmental Kids Club
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
-- section for teachers  
The Flow of Energy Through Plants and Animals 
The Food Chain -- short introduction to what a food chain is.
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
The Magic Schoolbus site from Scholastic
NASA for Kids
NASA for Educators:
     K - 4
     9 -12

Science, General -- one persons web page with a variety of science info and links
Science - Elementary (K-5)
Science - Intermediate (6-8)
Science - High School (9-12)
The World's Biomes -- an introduction to the major biomes on Earth. 


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A critical Bibliography on North American Indians for K-12
American Indian History and Related Issues
The Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange - Elementary School (K-5)
The Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange - Intermediate School (6-8)
The Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange - High School (9-12)
California Historical Society
The Crusades and the Rise of Islam
The Crusader and Ayyubid Period (1099-1250 CE) -- a subpage from a site about the city of Jerusalem
Dreams of Space -- Space art in children's books
EdWeb: K-12 Economics Resources
Economics America 
Encyclopedia Mythica
- internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion
George Cassutto's World of Social Studies
Medieval Crusades -- great online "mini-book" about the crusades.
Mr. Dowling's Electronic, Passport Browse the world in a Virtual Classroom -- online lesson plans and links from Mr. Dowling
Mr. Jenkins' History Links
National Geographic Society Geography Lessons
Social Studies Lessons
Social - STUDIES Elementary (K-5)
Social - STUDIES Intermediate (6-8)
Social - STUDIES High School (9-12)
Spartacus Educational -- British & European history web site 
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Sports Media -- has P.E. lesson plans BUT you need to be a member
Lesson Plans Page - P.E. lesson plans
PE Central - Physical Education Lesson Ideas
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Art History - Prehistoric Art
Art History Resources
The Library of Congress, Performing Arts Reading - Great reference  site for a great number of things, just search for what you want, music, history, civics, etc.
OldieLyrics.com - Oh where to put this link,  music, language arts, history?  Music is so much a part of our world.  Lyrics are poetry, historical, artistic.  One way to interest students is to analyze a song as a poem...
Watercolor of a group of kids
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ESL/Bilingual/Foreign Language Lessons
Everything ESL... ESL stands for 'English as a Second Language'
ESL Cafe -
Another website devoted to teacher's of ESL students
Teach-nology.com -Lesson Plans for a couple different Languages, mostly European, plus other types of Lesson plans.

Other acronyms are ELL, ELD, 

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Awesome Library -- ALL GRADES - Organizes the Web with 14,000 "carefully reviewed" resources, including the top 5 percent in education. 
Education-world - Lessons from the Library
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ESubjects -- Special Ed lessons -- Special Education materials including technology-rich, comprehensive, standards-based curricula for high school core subjects. 
Learning Disabilities Association   --The Learning Disabilities Association of America is a national, non-profit organization
LD Online -- the interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children.
National Center for Learning Disabilities -- Information, resources, referral services, educational programs, etc.
The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities -- Information about LD's.
The National Academy for Child Development
The Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities


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California State Standards-
ALL GRADES - California State Content Standards. "Content standards were designed to encourage the highest achievement of every student, by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level."
Developing Educational Standards -
better name than below, a list of links to states and links to state standard and gov. web pages.
Academic Benchmarks -
Searchable, state standards
Statestandards.com -
State educational standards coupled to lesson plans and resources.
International Primary Curriculum - Standars used at International schools and seems to be based out of Britian
The Good School Guide - A better explanation of IPC
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)
California Single Subject Assessments for Teachers (CSET)
registration for any of the single subject tests required if you don't have a BA or the units in a particular subject.
Calwesteducators.com - Educational jobs in California's private schools
Craigslist.org -
Always a good place to look for jobs, private schools often advertise on Craigslist.
Council of International Schools
Department of Defense Education Activity (Dodea) -
Educational jobs available if you want to teach overseas, and work for the military. 
Edjoin.org -
California's educational job website
International Baccalaureate
International Employment for Teachers -
Overseas Teaching Jobs 
International School Review
International School Services
Monster.com -
not really a teacher's job website, just a website with jobs
Seattleschools.org -
Seattle Public Schools webpage.  There is a link to jobs, but since they are closing schools, budget mess, low enrollment, who knows, there many any truly available jobs a the moment.
Teaching Abroad Web Sites
Teachers-teachers.com -
One of many teaching-jobs websites.
TIE Online -
about International teaching
Visiting International Faculty Program (VIF) -
Mostly for overseas teachers wanting to teach in the US
Lesson Plans & Teacher Resources
The Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange - Elementary School (K-5)
The Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange - Intermediate School (6-8)
The Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange - High School (9-12)
The Computer Lessons (Australia)
Dear Teacher - Education on Abuse.  You need to be aware of it, you have to report it, so do a little reading and learn more
Miscellaneous - Elementary (K-5)
Miscellaneous - Intermediate (6-8)
Miscellaneous - High School (9-12)
Planet Pals -- an environmental web page aimed at kids, with cartoon characters such as Earthman, has info on recycling, etc.
Scholastic-- resources for teachers
ThinkQuest-- is a global network of students, teachers, parents and technologists dedicated t exploring youth-centered learning on the Net. 
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