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Interesting & Unusual Pages
These links are here, of course, for me - very selfish I am sure - but feel free to peruse.

Cultural or Historical Pages
The Costume Page
The Costume Page, Costuming Resources Online: an index of costume and costume-related links. 
Fellowship Foundry Pewter smiths
They sell interesting Pewter objects at the Ren and Dickens
Christopher Miller Creations
More art from the Ren and Dickens Fairs

Labyrinth: Wide Web Server for Medieval Studies Sponsored by Georgetown University
Cool links to all sorts of Medieval stuff including pictures from "The Book of Kells," and much, much more!!!
Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
about the Muslim contribution to humanity and Islamic Civilization, but "take it with a
grain of salt," or like any website, understand where the author's  viewpoint is coming from.
Native American Geometry
An educational site about proportional geometry that originates with the circle.  There are Educational references and links.
Northern California Ren Faire
The Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Rennaisance Fair Info- Info on Ren Faires throughout the US.  Sub-page for the Ren Faire Magazine.
The Great Dickens Christmas Fair - brought to you by the family that started the two original Ren Fair's (Norcal & Socal) wich of course are run by others now.  But great fun, great fun! Roper's Knot Links
A very cool page of links to other pages on the net about tying knots, sail knots, Celtic knots, mathematical knots, and much, much more.
Old Time Clip Art
Roots World
Music from around the world
Symmetry of Rugs - About Symmetry and Pattern in rugs, good as an introduction to simple math and geometry Ukrainian Cross Stitch Page- Very cool, my grandfather was from the Ukraine
American Folklore - not much yet but there is a lot of potential

Many Faces 

Random & Interesting Art, Folk Art & Craft Links

The Vadeboncoeur Collection of Images - amazing collections of art from 1889 to 1922, my favorite period of art C&H Glassworks - Hand Blown Glass, a favorite at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival
Modelalisa.com - for artists who need access to a nude and can't find one. Allposters.com - I have this link here because there are several prints I want to order, someday....
Braided Rug Directions Rugmaker's Homestead
Apple Dolls - An American Folk Doll & how to make them.  I suggest adding salt to the drying apple to kill or reduce mold. More about making Apple Dolls
Apple Heads for Halloween - This website is also good for Bay Area Halloween info. Martha Stewart.com - hey she has a lot of great craft information.  Some argue that she forced women back into the 50's, with the perfect home and all, but others, single mother, one powerful b***
Lacis.com - awesome collection of supplies for all crafts, true folk crafts, such as making lace, knitting, quilting, needlwork, etc.  True art!  Because mostly women made this stuff it is not considered fine art for some reason. MaryJane'sFarm - the latest "Martha Stewart," or perhaps not, but my latest interest.  Relates to what I do now, and what I wish I could do in the future, you know, back to the land, own a farm...live in a cabin in the woods...
Knitty.com - a website for knitters like me
Cartoon of bear-like dude
Social Action Links
Amnesty International  Abolishnukes.com
September Eleventh Families For Peaceful Tomorrows
Join Peaceful Tomorrows for "The World Still Says No To War."
Cost of the War in Iraq
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To see more details, click here.
Punk Voter Check it out True Majority Action -obviously a more liberal organization 
World Resources Institute - provides information, ideas, and 
solutions to global environmental problems.
Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund - Mt. gorilla information, fundraising website in memory of Diane Fossey.
The American Liberal Creed

Liberals recognize the value and rights of all people;
Liberals recognize that we share the world with others;
Liberals support the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and champion their equal application to all citizens;
Liberals champion knowledge above ignorance, learning above dogma;
Liberals recognize that the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is futile without education, healthcare and employment;
Liberals recognize that government of the people, by the people, and for the people is for the service and protection of all, regardless of economic status;
Liberals recognize that public works and institutions serve the public interest, and taxes support those works and institutions;
Liberals recognize that "every person for themselves" leads not to a diverse, enlightened and viable society, but only to jungle-like "survival of the fittest";
Liberals recognize that an individual, not government, controls their own body;
Liberals recognize that neither government nor commerce is suitable to meet all of our nation's challenges, that there is a place for both;
Liberals propagate this message, defend it, and vote for and support those who do.

Warren Brown

And I would add Liberals care more about the community than the corporation, they care more about taking care of people and less about 'making profits,' PEOPLE ABOVE PROFITS!  

The so-called Liberal Media are owned by large Conservative corporations that dictate control over biased news reporting in major newspapers and on major television networks. The media are conservative just like their owners and sponsors. You're getting the "News" the way that they want you to see it.

Gardening & Plant Links

American brugmansia-daturasociety.org - 
I love this plant/tree!
Onward and Upward in the Garden
by Katharine Sergeant Angell White, E. B. White 
I read this book a few summers ago.  Very enjoyable. 
Wildflower Identification Guide - great for identifying all the odd flowers that grow around Moss Beach
Audubon - ok so it's not a plant link.  But birds come to many gardens and I use this website to help identify the local birds.
Audubon California
The Fruit Pages
Everything you want to know about fruit.

Cartoon of Lil' Devil
Irish and Celtic Links
Music & Culture
Irish Culture and Customs Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore & Drama Links to ALL SORTS of Irish Pages
Flogging Molly
Sounds similar to the Pogues 
EXCELLENT, AWESOME Irish Band. "Celtic" Irish music. 
Shite & Onions
Punk, Irish, Irish-Punk
SF Celtic Music
Traditional Celtic Music in the San Francisco & Monterey Bay Areas
Wake the Dead
Celtic/Irish music combined with the Grateful Dead!!! Huzzah!
The Pogues - One of the original Irish Punk Bands


  Radio Links

The Thistle & Shamrock
National Public Radio Show featuring reels, jigs, ballads, and laments of a generally Celtic tradition
Folk Music & Beyond
Another radio show with a more varied type of music
KPFA - you can listen online from ANYWHERE in the world.  Get a different perspective then that of the Corporation owned media
And two shows I have grown to enjoy (me listing to Bluegrass-don't-call-it-country):
America's Back 40 The hicks from coast to coast, & Pig In A Pen / Panhandle Country
West Coast Live - weekend radio show live from the Bay Area
A Prairie Home Companion - if you haven't heard if it yet, well, go listen Big Rick Stewart's personal website - if you grew up in the Bay Area then you will know who he is.

Banjo, Bluegrass Links

Beginner Banjo Lessons 
Irish Banjo.com
Basic rhythm banjo - lessons from Irish Banjo
Banjo Hangout.org
and "references," basically links to lessons 


Victorian Webpages
The Arts & Crafts Press
Very nice small company that recreates Arts & Crafts Style artwork
American Bungalow
One of my favorite magazines
Victoriana.com  The Victorian Web
Victorian Preservation Association 
of Santa Clara Valley
a local Bay Area organization
Arts & Crafts - San Francisco  

Pop Culture and Science Fiction Links
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
The Lord of The Rings
A link to the movie not the books.
Yahoo's list of Star Trek Links
J.K. Rowling - there are a lot of interesting, and good Harry Potter websites.  Start here with the author herself.  Jeez I wish I could make a webpage like this!
HPANA - The Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator - go here for all the rumors, newspaper articles, gossip, and info Harry Potter Official WB Website
The Leaky Cauldron - Another website devoted to all things Harry Potter Bobmarley.com - oh where to put this link, certainly not *Pop* he was and is the best.
I LOVE this site!
Ferryhalim.com - Another website with games
The Hippie Museum - remember folks, the stereotypical hippy you see, (long hair, tie dyed t-shirt, & bellbottoms) is more of a 70's 'look; or a deadhead look.  Hippies in the 60's looked more modish, but they did have semi-long hair!  You should see pictures of my parents!  

Schools of Interest
College of Marin
My Alma Mater (AA):
UC Santa Cruz
My Alma Mater (BA)
UC Santa Cruz Anthropology
A link to the department were I earned my degree.
Notre Dame de Namur University
My Alma Mater (Teaching Credential)

Predictions, New Age, and Other Odd Links
Morgana's Observatory
Just a really weird "New Agey" site. Some good links, some bizarre stuff, Nostradamus, and conspiracy "theories," etc.
Did you bring bottles?
History of the Supermarket, it used to be just about Safeway, but the site has grown and grown in the last few years.
Wicca, Witchcraft


Turtle Care
Turtlecare.net Red Eared Slider - my turtle
 Turtletimes.com - Includes a message board with good info on a variety of turtle care subjects.  

People's Online Diaries
OrneryPest's Page- for such a normal guy he is very strange. The Fat Traveler - another blog/diary I've been reading on and off for years. The typical American, unfortunately.
so many of the diaries are so insipid and egotistical, but these are rather interesting....  
Geneology Links
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
HUGE, HUGE list of links
National Archives and Records Administration
USA Gov. Site, archives and records of EVERYTHING!!
Ancestry.com  tree
Hockey Links & Lacrosse Links
San Jose Sharks Northern California Junior Hockey Association - my son has aged out but I keep the link just cause.
San Jose Stealth

Surfing Links
Wahine Surfing Magazine Aloha Apparel Hawaiian Shirts from RainbowHawaii.com.
Coolest Site!! I bought a Hawaiian print backpack and car seat covers from them!

People and Places from my past (sort of)
The Mother Truckers.com - I've known J. Zee since I was about 3, & his wife went to the same high school as me.  Snatam Kaur - an old friend


JavaScrippting Links & Useful Internet Stuff
Sun's Javascript Guide
Java Developer Central
Some Java Applets from Sun Microsystems
Free Javascript
Excellent Page- very cool Simpson's page, great 
links to all sorts of stuff on the web.
Cool Backgrounds
Kaleidoscope backgrounds, some used on this site
Internet Colors - very useful for designing web pages, or...
Complete HTML True Color Chart
Other Sites of Interest
California Earthquake Data San Francisco Chronicle
The BBC Online
The BBC Online for kids
San Jose Mercury News

These links are only a few of the googoleplex (10^googol) of pages out there on the web. (I put them here more for me because every once in a while Netscape crashes and I lose all of my Bookmarks.) The Internet is a wonderful thing. If you want to find a reference on ANYTHING, guaranteed it will be on the net. If you find anything about my page the least bit interesting than send me an email.

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