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A Sampling of Sculpture

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Sculptures I have made over the years.  Most are made out of Fimo or other easily baked plastic clay, as using real clay calls for a kiln, not something that is readily available to me. 
Also these sculptures all tend to be small, between 1 inch to  6 inches.

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Fimo Girl Gargoyle.
Fimo Girl Gargoyle.
Sculpey corner gargolyle.
Clay Dragon Cup.
Sculpey with paint Dragon's Head.
clay dragon breaking out of egg
Fantasy Figures
Fimo Wizard.
fimo elfin guy
Sculpey elfin figure with leather shirt.
fimo alien
Sculpey with paint little Odd creature.
shelf creature
Other Oddities
two hand made rag dolls
star face made from sculpted fimo clay and painted
Fimo dolls, one with hand-made dress.
Clay one-eyed blob.
Clay man.
odd head made from fimo
Clay faces.

by Aimese

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