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!Kung watercolor


Some links to information about the !Kung.  The !Kung is a name given to several tribes among the wider San people, who almost all live or lived until recently by hunting and gathering, as well as foraging. Colonial Europeans called the San "bushmen." In Botswana (language: Setswana) they were know as "Lesarwa" and "Masarwa" (Bushman), and in modern usage "Mosarwa" and "Basarwa". They are a group of tribal people who live in Southern Africa.  The movie "The Gods Must be Crazy" features the !Kung.



Working Group for Indigenous Minorities of Southern Africa - South African San Institute’s website on Cultural Resources Management, with a  summary overview of San people in South Africa and the region

The San - basic information on the culture from Wikipedia

Kung! - basic information on the culture from Wikipedia

Native People - Old but interesting page about indigenous groups from around the world, may be a bit out of date

African Bushmen Creation Myth

National Geographic article on the present day Bushmen - nice pictures

Foragers to First Peoples: The Kalahari San Today an article on Cultural Survival

Cultural Survival - a group trying to preserve the rights of indigenous groups all over the world