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Exhibition Two

        Our myths have changed little. What was once an 'abduction' by fairies is now an abduction by aliens. Same pointy ears same big eyes.



Look at the following links for some interesting articles on Aliens and Fairies 

 A very interesting article that once existed on the net, I only have a quote:

"This is an age of scientific rationality, right? We cannot 'believe' in angels or fairies any more--though interestingly enough, angels in their benign version are enjoying a certain success d'estime among New Age people. Aliens--extra terrestrials--seem tailor-made for this purpose. They are certainly taken seriously, even by the scientific community in its cautious way."
Other interesting articles online: 

Fairies and UFOs? - Ultraterrestrials, hmm, well...

Abducted by Aliens - some good stories, (The aliens in the legends are not those from outer space, but rather underground people from our own earth: fairies, trolls, elves, and the like.)

The Elusive Little People

Fairies and their kin by Bob Trubshaw

"ufo's come from: remote planets, inside a hollow earth, other dimensions, within our psyches and so on. that is, they come from beyond, below, behind, inside, within etc. competing theories about ufo origins have one thing in common - they are all literal readings of spatial metaphors. this gives us a clue as to their real origin: imagination"
--Quarking up the Wrong Tree by Patrick Harpur

 Or, read the book Otherness, by David Brin.  Some great stories and commentary on the alien phenomena are: "Those Eyes," and "What to Say to a UFO."
    "There's something terribly wrong when 29 percent of Americans think we've made contact with aliens, but less than half of them know that the Earth rotates around the sun once a year."
--from a letter written to Time Magazine.