Watercolor of a Chimpanzee
Some links to Chimpanzee and Primate related sites

Watercolor of a Chimpanzee.
10-1/2x14-1/2" original size


Chimpanzee Links

The Bondo Mystery Apes Not a new sub-species of chimp but one already know about, with a different culture.
Center for Great Apes Conservation
Chimp's Inc. - a private sanctuary
Chimp Haven, another private sanctuary 
Educational Resources about Primates on the Web
FLORES MAN  where to put this link (and we'll see how long it lasts), this is more for Physical Anthropologists who study the past but very intriguing (a real almost-hobbit human species??, : ) )
International Primate Protection League
Karl Ammann wildlife photographer, bushmeat activist (focuses on stopping the eating of our primate ape relatives)
Manifesto for Apes and nature
Primates.com  The images alone are incredible, a bit hard to navigate, useful information but you need to know what you are looking for
Save the Chimps
The Jane Goodall Institute
The Bushmeat Project